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Las Negras


Las Negras is a village located in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar about 50 km from the provincial capital, Almería.

The name comes from an ancient history. It is said that the village of Las Negras was founded after a tragedy at sea. Sailors of the village of San Pedro went to sea and never heard from them again. After this, the wives of the sailors, engaged in agriculture, saw the need to reach out to other people in order to survive. They created this new settlement, conditioned the name for the color of mourning of its founders. Originally, the village only consisted of 10 white houses.

Beach of Las Negras


The settlement of Las Negras is framed between the cape knowed as "el Puntón" and the cliff called "Cerro Negro". The two bays that form the coastline of this village are protected by a natural barrier of rocks, which is called "the Esperillas" so that strong temporary lift are a little softened by the presence of said barrier. This formation is exposed only at low tide.

At the foot of the Cerro Negro there are other coves and caves, where the diving is highly recommended: "Cala Hernández" or "la Piedra Colorá".



Walking to the southernmost limits we find the Peñón del Gitano and Caleta del Cuervo, the last site of Camping Nautico La Caleta, situated directly on the promenade with the consequent risk of flooding.

Among the native fauna group moray eels and octopuses. The prairies of Posidonia (oceanic Posidonia), increasingly scarce, gives also shelter to smaller species.

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