◾The entrance to the accommodation will be made from 16.00 on the day of arrival. For any other option, please consult the owners; You know, we are at your disposal.

◾Only allowed places are set according to the maximum number mentioned in the description of the accommodation, including children under 2 years.

No additional guests are accepted.

◾The owner reserves the right of admission or cancellation of the reservation if this is not respected.

◾The rest of the rent will be paid in cash on the day of arrival.

◾The owner will inform you of the nearest places for supplies, places of interest and will show you the apartment, where you will also find detailed information about the activities that can be done in Las Negras and surroundings.

◾The owner agrees to deliver the accommodation in perfect conditions of cleaning and use and to solve, as far as possible, the problems that arise.

◾ At the time of arrive check the house. The deficiencies that you can find in the apartment/ house must expose to the owner as soon as possible, to proceed to its correction.

◾You can contact the owner in case of any problem at a reasonable time, provided it is not urgent.


◾The departure of the house will be made before 11.00 hours.

◾ In the event of any damage, you must notify the owner, by telephone or in person, and always before leaving the apartment, to avoid misunderstandings.

◾The occupants must turn in the keys in the place that is indicated to them.

◾The guests are responsible for the accommodation and its contents during the stay in the apartment, hoping that they will keep it careful and leave it tidy.

◾The installations will be kept in perfect use, in case of any damage to the installations, this will be communicated to the owner.

◾The owner agrees to assume the expenses of any repair or damage caused by force majeure (breakage of water pipes, electrical breakdown, etc.).

◾The owner will be grateful for any suggestions you may offer to make your future stays more pleasant.

◾ Guests are responsible for keeping the apartment properly closed in their absence. This is very important, please, we will avoid among all that any robbery or anything similar.

◾ Guests will not be able to perform annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illicit activities in the apartment. It is strictly forbidden to make day or night parties that may disturb other neighbors.


◾ In the event that guests bring pets, they are responsible for avoiding damage to the facility, and will have to pay the cost in the event of any damage. They will also be responsible for the possible civil liability derived from the third party actions of your pet.

◾ Pets are not allowed getting into beds and armchairs.

◾The owner will not accept any claims after the day of departure.


◾ Clean Facilities.

◾ It is forbidden to leave any type of food that can attract ants, flies or other animals.

◾ It is forbidden to perform acts that disturb or endanger other users (running in wet areas, diving violently, using audio equipment to an annoying volume, throwing waste ...).

◾The person who has rented the house is responsible for the correct use of the pool.



In case of cancellation we will maintain the following norms of return:

◾ With 1 month in advance: 0%

◾ With 2 months notice: 50%

◾ Three months in advance: 75%

◾ With more than 3 months in advance: 100%             



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